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Bayfront Tower on Beach Drive is a prime location with incredible views of the park and Tampa Bay

1 Beach Drive SE  St. Petersburg, FL 33701


A lush, posh - and in its own Floridian, tropical, way - even beautiful example of late modernist resort architecture. Designed by architect Donald S. Cowan and built in 1971, this structure was one of the Tampa area's first and foremost examples of ultra-lux, modern, tropical-themed condo buildings that focused more on a variety of price-points in unit sales over homogenic units floor by floor: with a grand total of 29 floors, the diversity of mixed-use space and various prices per unit here was a very astute idea.


Like most of Cowan's projects, the Bayfront sports his love of warm, golden, colors, cubist-inspired curtains of metal for the service area space devoid of windows (and also for the parking garage), and his pragmatic extended bay window-approach to balcony space. While many architects working in Florida even in the 1970s were trying still to duplicate "old Spanish" styles in their condo and resort hotel projects, Cowan jumped into the future and replicated instead what leading European architects were doing in Spain and elsewhere. Thus, we have here a fully modern building but one with plenty of motifs that say "tropical" and "resort". As this has always been an expensive property, it's been pretty much kept in fine repair and looks good in and out even today. Worth checking out if you're an architecture geek in St. Pete or if you are in the market for a very sleek condo with a view.

This prestigious downtown waterfront address with valet parking and rooftop pool — signals the start of a two-year, $10 million update for the Beach Drive condominium.


Bayfront Tower was the first “waterfront” condo in downtown St Petersburg, Florida. Built in 1975, it has nearly 250 residential units and 11 commercial units.


The units on the east side of the building have magnificent views of Tampa Bay.


Units range from 1,146 sq ft for a 1 bedroom unit up to 3,673 sq ft for a double unit.


Bayfront Tower is unique in having its common areas on top of the building, on the 28th and 29th floors, so every resident can enjoy 360 degree views, from Tampa Bay to the Gulf of Mexico, sunrises and sunsets.


You can really enjoy the Florida lifestyle in St. Petersburg.  Nearby is the beach, boating, fishing and the many golf courses.


Beyond that there is a vibrant downtown, many shopping and dining establishments as well as family parks and live entertainment.


Also unique to the building is the valet parking, which is included in the maintenance fee.

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